How it works

Answer a few questions about your toddler & desired potty training approach

  • Your child’s age
  • Your child’s personality and interests
  • Your child’s readiness signs
  • Daily routine & care-taking situation
  • Your child’s history with potty training
  • Any popular potty training methods you want to follow
  • Your desired approach, concerns, and goals
Screenshot of the potty training onboarding page with an example question.

Bottell creates a customized plan for your toddler within minutes

Bottell creates a practical and flexible potty training plan based on your answers, consisting of:

  • A general strategy
  • A tactical plan and steps to follow for the next few weeks
  • Tips and advice
  • Encouragement
Screenshot of a personalized potty training plan.

Check-in with Bottell anytime and it will adapt the plan based on your updates

Tell Bottell what is and isn't working and any specific challenges and it will:

  • Respond to your update
  • Update the plan based on your feedback and requested guidance
  • Celebrate progress
  • Provide encouragement
Screenshot of the potty training check-ins, with an example adapted plan snippet.

Earn badges to track progress and celebrate milestones

Potty training badges help you celebrate the wins along the way and guide you toward future goals:

  • Quest 1, Prepare: Get ready for potty training
  • Quest 2, Basics: Celebrate early successes
  • Quest 3, Travel: Conquer potty training outside the home
  • Quest 4, Routine: Develop routines and independence
  • Quest 5, Advanced: Master sleep time and full potty use
Screenshot of the milestone badges with an example celebration for achieving a milestone.

Get your potty training questions answered, 24/7

When you sign up with Bottell, you also get access to its personalized advice. Ask any question and it will provide smart, helpful responses in a conversational style.

Limit of 2 questions per day with the free plan.

Example potty training related question and Bottell's personalized advice

Bottell's potty training program helps you...

Save Time

Skip reading potty training books, watching video courses, and scouring blog posts.

Save Money

Get the personalized guidance of a potty training coach, without the price tag.

Design your program

Bottell creates a plan based on your goals, desired approach, and concerns.

Screenshot of a personalized potty training plan with an example snippet

Start off right

Avoid guess work with a personalized plan for your child, right from the start.

Troubleshoot issues

Started potty training, but it's not going well? Bottell helps you through challenges.

Support special needs

Personalized plans can help when generic methods aren't cutting it.

Laptop and mobile mockups of Bottell's digital parenting assistance product

Did you know that Bottell doesn't only help with potty training?

Bottell is a digital sidekick for parents

This potty training program comes with limited access to Bottell's other features for FREE. Unlock all features with a premium membership for $5 per month.


Personalized Answers

Ask any question, any time and get advice customized to your child. Explore suggested questions for ideas. Uses ChatGPT for smart and helpful answers.

Daily Tips & Ideas

Get fresh ideas to foster your child's development. Topics span behavior, learning, social & emotional development, well-being, parenting strategies & more.

Milestone Coach

Track your child's milestones and development (up to age 5). Check in regularly to get tailored guidance on how to make progress.

Free and Premium Plans

Bottell offers a free tier with limited features and a premium plan with all features for only $5 per month. The potty training program works with either plan.

Start your child's personalized potty training journey today.

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