Bottell carries some of the mental load of parenting, so you can worry less and enjoy more.


Bottell answers all of your questions like a knowledgable friend.

Bottell uses the power of ChatGPT to provide intelligent, thorough, and empathic answers that are tailored to your child.

You can ask it for advice, meal planning help, a new bedtime story, activity ideas for next weekend, or some emotional support. Anything, really.

Example of customized chat. A parent asks Bottell for fun activities and Bottell enthusiastically responds with a list of ideas.


Bottell gives you daily inspiration, tailored to your child's age and interests.

Bottell gives you tips and ideas for your child's development in daily bite-sized packages. Each post is age-appropriate and topics include:

  • Learning
  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Behavior
  • Eating & Nutrition
  • Activities
  • Parenting Strategies

Currently available from birth to 5 years old.
Examples of parent pulse titles for a boy named Henry.


Bottell helps you track and navigate developmental milestones with confidence.

Whether it’s first steps or first words, Bottell helps you know what to expect and how to offer the right support at the right time.

Celebrate accomplishments with fun achievement badges and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have support and personalized game plans for any concerns.

Example of the milestone coach. Bottell asks for milestones to provide guidance on and shows an example achievement badge.


Bottell takes the intimidation out of big transitions, guiding you from start to finish.

Navigating transitions in childhood is no easy journey, full of unknowns and learnings along the way. Bottell serves as your personal 'trail guide,' offering you a personalized strategy, progress badges to mark the wins, and a plan that adapts to your child's unique path.

Potty training is available now for only $19 and stay tuned for additional programs.

Example of potty training program prompts. Bottell creates a potty training plan based on parent input.

How It Works

Choose a plan and create a profile for your child.

Profile Page for Child

Enjoy tailored answers, tips, and coaching. 🙌

Parenting Advice and Coach Example

Enroll in a specialized program when needed ($19).

Potty Training Program Check-In Example

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Happy Customers

As parents of two toddlers, we’re no strangers to the hours spent googling, reading books, and watching videos to navigate the twists that come with parenthood. We saw promise in using ChatGPT to make our problem solving more efficient and to give us creative ideas to foster our boys’ cognitive and emotional growth and decided to build a company so all parents could easily do the same. We want to take some of the hassle and guesswork out of parenthood so we can all enjoy it even more.”

Nikki & Stephen, Bottell Cofounders

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Parent Talking to Kids from Desk

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